Monday, August 12, 2013


When you don't kn ow exactly what's going on with girls' group because you are supposed to be organizing it but all of a sudden you are going to 4 summer camps and then you find out you'll be heading off hours away to your first job for 10 days.

And then you sit down and edit the rgog blog until it's sore from all the re-arranging.

And then you realize the last post on this blog was like, three months ago.

And so ya sit down in the middle of quite the messy house screaming "MUST BE CLEANED."

But you ignore it.

And you start posting on the girls' group blog about your personal life because really someone's gotta post somethin'...

And now you are contemplating if you really should tell them that you're writing a book, cause then you have to be very committed to it and then you need money for college and publishing and ain't nobody got time for that. But you know God wants ya to do it.


Ah well might as well smile bout it, right? So yes, i blurted it out :/ I AM WRITING A BOOK. But it's not just me... hehehe guess who else? you'll never guess. Let me give you a few lines to think about it...

...uh, it's YOU. You are helpin' me out. lol. Because I have always enjoyed it when you're like, reading a book and then you have actual people's real responses and stories with the lesson being learned. Because then it's real.

And now YOU'RE thinking, "Ain't nobody got time for that!?!" But don't worry about it. We got time for that. Because we are all a team in RGOG, right? We all put our input in at girls' group, and that's where the stuff, with your permission, comes from to go into the book. It's gonna be a study guide for teen girls written by teen girls and would be very cooperable with a girls' group setting :D I'm excited for the journey... the journey of a thousand miles that begins with a single step.


  1. Yay! Go Cosette! :)

    Contact me if you want any input. I'm willing to write, just give me a subject.


    Love that idea!!! I'll admit, I toyed with doing something like that, but I'm yet to do anything about it!
    Kudos to you for stepping up to write a book like that...praying for you as you start the journey, and know that I'm right here to help or encourage or talk with as you need me <3


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